16 April 2010

Iceland Volcano disrupts air travel

Of course the big news today is the impact that the Icelandic volcano has on transatlantic air travel.
Seems the dust and soot does not agree with jet engines.

to see some of the impact click on this link:

Add to this an estimate $200 US million loss per day according to International Air Transport Association http://www.iata.org/pressroom/pr/Pages/2010-04-16-01.aspx

Now is an excellent time to search the web for imagery!


  1. This volcano is causing wuite a problem all over Europe. Planes have been grounded for days the airlines are loosing millions and people are getting very impatient. What has happened though is that they have increased train traffic trying to get people home as well as military ships have come and are helping people get home. Another problem that people are saying is that it isn't over yet and the volcano eruption they say is getting stronger as well as there is another volcano that if history repeats its self that will erupt soon.

  2. garrett Lojek did the last post

  3. Im doing a research paper on Iceland, and from what i have read about this volcano eruption it has caused some pretty serious problems in terms of air travel to and from Iceland. People were practically stuck in Iceland for several days due to the severity of the eruption.