18 April 2010

Airport and Airline rating

My recreation geography class is working on the last lab assignment now, where they get to plan an overseas trip somewhere in the world next winter break. The lucky ones got a place near the equator since New England can be quite cold that time of the year.

So anyway, this site (http://www.airlinequality.com/) lets you assess the quality of airlines around the world. It also rate airports! Check it out to learn the best around and which ones to avoid!

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  1. Professor!
    When I travel I try for JetBlue. I love JetBlue airlines.. they have the sweet mini televisions in front of every seat that has satellite. Every time I go to travel I look forward to JetBlue. But when it comes a time where JetBlue doesn't travel to and from my destination, I have to go for Southwest or Delta... everytime I hope for a little tv infront of me. I'm disappointed every time!

    Meghan Scholl