26 April 2010

Appalachian Trail monitoring

I have been a trail monitor for the Appalachian Trail for probably over 15 years. A monitor, more precisely a corridor monitor acts as the eyes and ears for the AT. A monitor surveys the property and must like to bushwhack in the woods. Good map and compass work is needed in order to follow the property lines to make sure outsiders are not disturbing the National Park Service land.

Typical impacts might be littering, ATV use, hunting and other things you would not want on your property. Sometimes we find someone building a road or a building on these public lands.

If interested in checking this out, let me know.

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  1. My cousin used to do a lot of volunteer work on the AT. After watching the movie in class and talking more to my cousin about it i decided to put hiking and camping on the AT at the top of my things to do list for this summer