21 November 2014

Roy Wolfe RIP

Roy I. Wolfe, Professor of Geography Emeritus, York University, died on November 15, 2014.


Some of his works include:

Wolfe, Roy I. 1951. “Summer cottagers in Ontario.” Economic Geography, 27, no. 1: 10-32.
Wolfe, Roy I. 1952. “Wasaga Beach: The divorce from the geographic environment.” Canadian Geographer, 1, no. 2: 57-66.
Wolfe, Roy I. 1962. “The Summer Resorts of Ontario in the Nineteenth Century.” Ontario History, 54: 149–161.
Wolfe, R.J. (1964) ‘Perspectives on outdoor recreation: a bibliographical survey’, The Geographical Review, 54(2): 203–38.
Wolfe. Roy I. 1965. “About cottages and cottagers.” Landscape, 15, no. 1: 6–8.
Wolfe, R.J. (1967) ‘Recreational travel: the new migration’, Geographical Bulletin, 9: 73–9.
Wolfe, Roy I. 1970. “Discussion of vacation homes, environmental preferences and spatial behavior.” Journal of Leisure Research, 2, no. 1: 85-87.

Essential reading for my grad school work at Southern Illinois University.

(thanks to C.M. Hall for compiling this bib for RTS Listserv)

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