08 September 2013

Hitchcock on TCM Sundays

Now, one of my favorite directors in Alfred Hitchcock.  North by Northwest is my favorite film of his but on Sunday's this month, when I should be reading, Turners Classic Movies is showcasing "Hitch".

While the ever popular films are to be shown like The Birds, Psycho, Rope, The Wrong Man, also found are his other films that are less frequently shown on TV.

Today, for example, you could have caught or catch, depending on when you read this Blog, Under Capricorn, Stage Fright, Saboteur and of course, North by Northwest.

Later this month check out Lifeboat, Number 17, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Family Plot, The Lady Vanishes, Torn Curtain, Topaz, The 39 Steps, Dial M for Murder, Strangers on a Train, Suspicion and many others.

Enjoy these classics!

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