03 March 2012

Tourism Place: Travel Hungry

Me? I am always hungry (except maybe when I am sick). But read what Alan Lew has to say about travel and hunger at this link.

My travel photography? I have the strange fascination to photograph gas stations. Maybe that is the "hunger" I developed during the seventies during the gas crisis. I don't know. The gas station was on North Caicos Island, an island of 3000 residents and two gas stations.


  1. Sometimes I will travel to a place just to try their food, locally and father away. I have traveled hours just to try a new restaurant and when on cruises or in a new place I am always the one who tries all the different cuisines offered!!

    1. I too enjoy food! I'm always dragging my friends on long drives just for the fun of it, to take pictures, and to eat! Trying new food is always a great experience, even if you don't like it, to say you've tried something is pretty neat.

      Like Kayla, I'm always the first to order something random off the menu.

      The gas station pictures are neat! It goes to show how even in the smallest of places, gas still plays a major role in our lives.