10 November 2013

Cold and Flu

So today, since I am still under the weather, instead of raking that are piling up, I have so far, watched 3 movies.

The first, a second watch for me was "The Way" (2010).  This is a must see film by Emilio Estevez.  A far departure from Repo Man (that I must have watched 20 times), it is highly recommended.

Using the Netflix option to show similar films, my second film was "One Week", (2008) good and also a tear jerker.

So after this emotional period of 4 hours, I figured I would check out the incredibly popular "The Hunger Games" (2012).  I left this film a bit underwhelmed since I saw a very similar film called Battle Royale (2000).  The original title is Batoru rowaiaru and is a grim Japanese film, that has teenagers killing each other off.  Get my drift?

Seems the Wall Street Journal noticed it too.

I wonder what will be next on Netflix....

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