11 October 2010

another nice weekend in New England

Could it be cyclogenesis? According to the AMS dictionary (http://amsglossary.allenpress.com/glossary/search?id=cyclogenesis1) is is "to the development of cyclonic circulation" Makes sense eh?

There is a whole mess of good sites out there on the subject. See for example:

My point of this is that I predict that next weekend (16-17 Oct 2010) it will be a clear weekend, or at least no rain! Why? Well cyclogenesis typically creates a cyclonic disturbance and it takes 4-7 days. That means we get into a cycle of having rain (or snow) every weekend or during the middle of the week or what ever. We get into a "cycle" of having the same kind of weather on the same days of the week. That is, until the cycle is broken. Stay tuned.

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