27 June 2011

Westfield Dog Bark coming soon

Westfield Dog Bark becoming a reality. Yes, that is the way we spell it. The City Parks and Recreation Commision gave us permission to lease the property known as Arm Brook as seen in this image from the City's GIS. We scouted out the park area this morning and will meet at the University on Wednesday to do some more serious planning.

For more information see our Facebook Page at:

The area we are planning is in the southern portion of the property.


  1. Has anyone given any thought to the neighborhood across from Arms Brook? The noise level can get quite loud in the summer months. Peole already use this pond for fishing and recreation. Will there be a set time the park is closed? What about parking and saftey? This is the first I have heard about the park and it's new possible location. It sounds like a nice idea it just needs to be thought out so everyone is happy. Will there be a public meeting?

  2. Thanks for the comments. Yes, the initial meeting was last month and the P&R folks postponed any further discussion until this past week. There were no negative reports from any City department.

    I encourage you to attend the next open meeting that you can find on the Facebook page.

    Details you ponder are still in the works as the lease is developed.

    Again, thanks for the interest!

  3. With the turnpike being so close, I can't imagine the dogs being louder than the traffic.

  4. Arns Brook was originally a party spot with a pavillion. The dogs wont be louder than that noisy road or the parks original function. Also, the 'pond' is a flood control area and nobody is really suppose to use it for any reason.