28 March 2010

Have you backed up your computer today, this week, ever?

One way I back up files is email the file to myself. I mean, I got at least 5 different email accounts. But what do you do if you need to back up all your class files, the PowerPoints, Excel and Word documents?

I don't have an external drive but do burn CD's or DVD's every once in a while. These are only write once media, but the price is cheap and I can store the disks at either my home or school office, in the Safe Deposit box for really important stuff and even mail the disks to a family member for safe keeping.

The point is.....back up your work!


  1. I have learned my lesson the hard way! I have an email account to send myself my work. Nothing worse than losing a semester long project at the end of the semester.

  2. I agree, there really is nothing worse! I email everything to myself. Usually I just send stuff to myself so I can print out things anywhere at any time. I know if I had a flash drive I would probably lose it. Email works best for me.
    -Jennifer Strickland