18 December 2014

Robert Moses Birthday today

Robert Moses would have celebrated his birthday today, but since we are more concerned about Beyouncy (sic) or Brad Pit 9sic) I figured I would spend a moment highlighting an important career.

Known for his planning in New York City and local environs, I tend to like his work centered on parkways.  As Americans were "driven" by Detroit to give up mass transit and become addicted to the auto, Moses propose a highway system that was both practical and scenic.  Since driving for pleasure remains a popular activity, these parkways are valuable resources.

16 December 2014

Beaches Resort and Lie Detectors

Employees at Beaches Resort and Spa in the Turks and Caicos Islands are outraged by the hotel's decision to start asking staff to take lie detector tests.

While hotel officials are saying that these tests are not mandatory, employees fear that they could lose their jobs if they refuse to subject themselves to this new policy.

Read the full story at this link.

09 December 2014

07 December 2014

Appalachian Trail Boundary Monitoring 2014

A couple times of the year I go out to the AT to walk along the boundary of the National Park.  A video of the walk is found on YouTube.

It is all about finding these monuments.

04 December 2014

Fun Happens

I came across these students playing on the snow bank from last week's snow storm.  All the snow has basically left, but these guys are making the most of it by creating a small jump and rail in which to practice twirls or whatever they may actually be called.

Fun Happens.

24 November 2014


I have been thinking about this post for a while.  Since it is so large, I will probably split into several different blogs in order to give the topic the attention it deserves.

First is cash.

Now, I am by no means a major world traveler, but I have been travelling overseas for over 30 years and have some stories to tell.  Bullets for this topic:

Get some local currency, if possible, before your trip.  You can always get some cash at the airport, and from my experience, this can be as expensive as your local bank with fees and exchange rates.  But do try to have some local currency in your pocket.  Sometimes I have some money left over from a previous trip and can use that.

Know the current exchange rate.  I round that figure so I can do some basic conversions in my head.  For web access try http://www.xe.com/.  And get an app for your phone.  And understand the rate both to US Dollars (in my case) and from it.  So right now, as I write this, $1 US is equal to 0.804 Euros, and one Euro is good for 1.242 US Dollar.  It will likely be different next week.

If you are someplace that uses US dollars, remember the costs of things can be higher or lower than back home.  So you might not be able to buy from the dollar menu from the local McDonald's.

And some places will take US dollars even if they have there own currency.  Your change may be in the local currency, and in some places you can get dollars back.  If you have a choice, think ahead on how much cash you may need and how easy or costly it might be to get more.  I will write about getting cash and other spending issues at a later post.

At the end of the trip, if you have local currency, you can spend it as extra tips, donate to a local charity, spend it at the airport, and/or throw into you luggage for your next trip to that destination.

Finally, some places you might be counting the costs to make sure you have enough through your trip without breaking the bank.  Other places, you may be living like royalty due to the lower cost of living.  In either case, with some careful planning you can enjoy the trip and not worry too much about money.

21 November 2014

Roy Wolfe RIP

Roy I. Wolfe, Professor of Geography Emeritus, York University, died on November 15, 2014.


Some of his works include:

Wolfe, Roy I. 1951. “Summer cottagers in Ontario.” Economic Geography, 27, no. 1: 10-32.
Wolfe, Roy I. 1952. “Wasaga Beach: The divorce from the geographic environment.” Canadian Geographer, 1, no. 2: 57-66.
Wolfe, Roy I. 1962. “The Summer Resorts of Ontario in the Nineteenth Century.” Ontario History, 54: 149–161.
Wolfe, R.J. (1964) ‘Perspectives on outdoor recreation: a bibliographical survey’, The Geographical Review, 54(2): 203–38.
Wolfe. Roy I. 1965. “About cottages and cottagers.” Landscape, 15, no. 1: 6–8.
Wolfe, R.J. (1967) ‘Recreational travel: the new migration’, Geographical Bulletin, 9: 73–9.
Wolfe, Roy I. 1970. “Discussion of vacation homes, environmental preferences and spatial behavior.” Journal of Leisure Research, 2, no. 1: 85-87.

Essential reading for my grad school work at Southern Illinois University.

(thanks to C.M. Hall for compiling this bib for RTS Listserv)