25 June 2016

Towson Swimmers at Olympic Trials

This is so cool.  Four swimmers from my old school, then Towson State University (drop the state now) are competing this next week in Omaha to qualify for the Olympics.  Check out the news here.

And watch it here.  Go Tigers!

24 June 2016

AIR BnB takes some more heat

I wrote about Air BnB a few weeks back, and it seems city's have a different idea about these un-taxed hotel rooms.  After all something can rent an apartment for a couple grand a month and they offer it as a BnB for a boatload a night!  What if the apartment is under rent control?  There is a concern that short term rentals will hurt affordable housing for the permanent residents.

17 June 2016

Interactive Websites

There are so many websites for teaching that it just boggles the mind.  This one is cool and shows a lot of animations about the lithosphere on the planet.

and while we are at it, here is a "video" of the Earth splitting apart.  Be patient it is slow.

15 June 2016

Stream flow might be a bit low for this weekend

The Annual Westfield River Canoe Cruise has been canceled due to low water flow.  The stream gauge shows how low the water is and notice the triangles that illustrate normal flows for this time of the year.

12 June 2016

Will tourism suffer in Disney World Orlando?

First I must send my condolences to the family and friends of the victims of the murderous attack in the Vacation Capital of the US.  For some local news, check this site out.

And I now provide some stats from the FBI regarding murders in Orlando.  According to the FBI data set there were 9 murders total in 2015 in Orlando.  For a city of 260,000 people that is a lot of deaths.  Now add 50 more (and we are not even half way through 2016).

Will this have an impact on visitors heading to Disney and other attractions?  For the response from the NRA, see what they have to say here.

My thoughts go out to the victims of gun violence.

11 June 2016

Climate Website

Wow, the internet continues to amaze me and here is another weather and climate site that pulls together so much information into graphic output and you need to check it out: