10 December 2017

Travel behaviour influenced by projected climate change

See Travel behaviour substitution for a white-water canoe race influenced by climate induced stream flow.

L’Organisation mondiale du tourisme, le Programme des Nations unies pour l’environnement et l’Organisation météorologique mondiale ont identifié qu’une des conséquences du changement climatique est la modification du régime des précipitations. Cette étude analyse les variations dans les habitudes de déplacement des participants et des spectateurs d’une course annuelle de canoë, telle qu’influencée par la variation du débit de la rivière. Comme le débit de rivière varie selon les saisons, on peut anticiper un déclin ou un déplacement des loisirs aquatiques, advenant une réduction permanente du débit. À partir de données recueillies lors de deux éditions de la Annual Westfield River Wildwater Races, des entretiens ont été réalisés dans la zone de préparation tandis que les participants étaient dans la file d’attente. Des spectateurs de la course ont aussi été interrogés. Les deux échantillons annuels correspondent à une saison de faible débit et à une saison de débit normal et l’échantillon total est constitué de 142 éléments. Au cours d’une année de faible débit, qui devrait devenir la norme selon les modèles sur le changement climatique, les experts pagayeurs se sont déplacés sur de grandes distances, ce qui est caractéristique de la caractéristique de substitution de la destination, tandis que les spectateurs ont réduit leur distance de déplacement, ce qui suggère une baisse d’intérêt pour l’observation des courses.


The World Tourism Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization have identified one of the consequences of climate change is an interference of normal precipitation. This research investigates the changes in travel patterns by participants and spectators at an annual canoe race as influenced by variable stream flow. Given that stream flow varies seasonally, one might hypothesize that should a permanent reduction of water flow take place in the future, a decline or shift in water-based recreation might be expected. Using data collected over two years at the Annual Westfield River Wildwater Races, interviews were conducted at the staging area as participants waited in the queue. Observers of the race were also interviewed. The two sampling years represent a low flow season and a normal flow season and yield a sample of 142 parties. During the low flow season, one that is projected to become the norm under climate change models, expert paddlers travelled a greater distance characteristic of destination substitutability while spectators decreased travel distance and this suggests a reduction of interest in observing the race.

08 December 2017

Tourism warning

yes, anyone who has travelled has been someplace that tourism hurts the local environment.

This list of people and physical harm is long......

In the Caribbean, recent reports recognize the harm.

12 November 2017

Geography Awareness Week 2017

Yep, it is that time of the year when we celebrate Geography.   I mean, we celebrate it every day but some people need to be reminded.

So click on this link to get some more info.

05 November 2017

International Travel Warnings....to the US

Sure we know about travelling to Niger, Venezuela and Sudan.  But about to the US?

In the UK, travelers are warned against visiting the US, due to firearms and domestic terrorism, natural disasters and health risks!  Health related threats are also found in Canada's travel page.

And Germans are cautioned about "There is an increased threat of terrorism and extremist violence worldwide and this should be borne in mind by Irish citizens living and working in the USA. The USA has also witnessed a number of mass shootings in recent years."

Think it is dangerous to travel abroad?  Think again.

29 October 2017

Pretty Lame Hallowe'en Movies on TV

Nothing good on the cable channels so I am streaming this documentary called "The Wild World of Ted V Mikels" on Filmon.  I found it on YouTube if don't have a Roku device.  Good stuff.

Mr. Mikels passed last year, so if you don't know anything about him, try this link.

25 October 2017

Fear and Fright Tourism

What kind of fears do people have?  Do you think people who visit haunted attractions are fearless?  Or do they know (believe) that the haunted house will be scary but ultimately safe.  Last Hallowe'en we asked that question to visitors to Demented FX in Holyoke, MA.

Fear N Mean SD
Crime (Murder, rape, theft, fraud) 171 5.80 2.86
Government (Corruption, privacy, immigration, trust, control) 170 6.07 3.22
Human-caused Disasters (Climate change, terrorism, war, environmental disaster) 171 7.01 2.53
Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes) 169 5.87 2.70
Personal Phobias (Tight spaces, darkness, insects) 166 5.42 3.17
Personal Health (Death, illness, injury) 166 5.33 3.04
Financial Future (Running out of money, loss of jobs, housing) 167 6.72 2.90
Technology (Artificial intelligence, invasion of privacy, cyber terrorism, drones) 167 4.50 2.98

Note: Scale 1-10 with ten most frightful.