12 November 2017

Geography Awareness Week 2017

Yep, it is that time of the year when we celebrate Geography.   I mean, we celebrate it every day but some people need to be reminded.

So click on this link to get some more info.

05 November 2017

International Travel Warnings....to the US

Sure we know about travelling to Niger, Venezuela and Sudan.  But about to the US?

In the UK, travelers are warned against visiting the US, due to firearms and domestic terrorism, natural disasters and health risks!  Health related threats are also found in Canada's travel page.

And Germans are cautioned about "There is an increased threat of terrorism and extremist violence worldwide and this should be borne in mind by Irish citizens living and working in the USA. The USA has also witnessed a number of mass shootings in recent years."

Think it is dangerous to travel abroad?  Think again.

29 October 2017

Pretty Lame Hallowe'en Movies on TV

Nothing good on the cable channels so I am streaming this documentary called "The Wild World of Ted V Mikels" on Filmon.  I found it on YouTube if don't have a Roku device.  Good stuff.

Mr. Mikels passed last year, so if you don't know anything about him, try this link.

25 October 2017

Fear and Fright Tourism

What kind of fears do people have?  Do you think people who visit haunted attractions are fearless?  Or do they know (believe) that the haunted house will be scary but ultimately safe.  Last Hallowe'en we asked that question to visitors to Demented FX in Holyoke, MA.

Fear N Mean SD
Crime (Murder, rape, theft, fraud) 171 5.80 2.86
Government (Corruption, privacy, immigration, trust, control) 170 6.07 3.22
Human-caused Disasters (Climate change, terrorism, war, environmental disaster) 171 7.01 2.53
Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes) 169 5.87 2.70
Personal Phobias (Tight spaces, darkness, insects) 166 5.42 3.17
Personal Health (Death, illness, injury) 166 5.33 3.04
Financial Future (Running out of money, loss of jobs, housing) 167 6.72 2.90
Technology (Artificial intelligence, invasion of privacy, cyber terrorism, drones) 167 4.50 2.98

Note: Scale 1-10 with ten most frightful.

22 October 2017

Themed sessions in Recreation, Tourism and Sport so far

RTS Sponsored AAG 2018 Sessions:

1. Sports Geography
2. Tourism, Communities and Development
3.  Regional evolutionary economic geography approaches to destination evolution
4. Field School / Travel Dynamics
5. Periphery and Emerging Tourism Destinations: Challenges and Opportunities
6. Revisiting Tourism in Sustainable Development
7. Travel and Transportation in Parks and Protected Areas
8. The dynamics of anti-tourism
9. Tourism, Digital Technology and Geographies of Urban Inequality
10. Authenticity Discourses in Nature-Based Tourism
11. Tourism analytics: social media, spatially distributed data and data mining in tourism research
12. The tourist crowd
13. Accessible tourism
14. Urban parks & green spaces as a panacea? Challenges and opportunities for urban greening

15 October 2017

Kanopy rocks

Forget Netflix.  I mean, the streaming choices on Netflix are beginning to look like the choices we used to have in the Mom and Pop video stores of the 1980 and 90s.  Most films on Netflix Streaming, seem to be the direct to video choices.  You know, the titles that nobody wants and ended up in the Bargain Bin selling for a buck.

Kanopy, on the other hand is great and FREE!  You sign up via the local library, and since I have a university account, I have access.  Talk about choices!  More than the public domain stuff you get on other streaming services and NO COMMERCIALS.  Oh yeah, tons of documentaries and educational titles too.

Wow.  Maybe I will watch Eraserhead today.