15 October 2017

Kanopy rocks

Forget Netflix.  I mean, the streaming choices on Netflix are beginning to look like the choices we used to have in the Mom and Pop video stores of the 1980 and 90s.  Most films on Netflix Streaming, seem to be the direct to video choices.  You know, the titles that nobody wants and ended up in the Bargain Bin selling for a buck.

Kanopy, on the other hand is great and FREE!  You sign up via the local library, and since I have a university account, I have access.  Talk about choices!  More than the public domain stuff you get on other streaming services and NO COMMERCIALS.  Oh yeah, tons of documentaries and educational titles too.

Wow.  Maybe I will watch Eraserhead today.

13 October 2017

NERR 2018

2018 National Environment and Recreation Research Symposium
Annapolis, Maryland      April 8-10, 2018

The 2018 National Environment and Recreation Research (NERR) Symposium offers an unparalleled opportunity for individuals representing governmental, academic, private, and non-profit sectors to share research findings, management experience and techniques, in order to advance knowledge in recreation and tourism management.

Location and Venue:  The Loews Hotel in historic Annapolis, Maryland. Discount early registration is based on established government per-diem rates. Access is convenient through Washington DC area airports, with BWI just 30 minutes driving time to Annapolis.

Abstract Submission: Deadline November 17, 2017.

Types of Sessions

Traditional Research Presentations:
Oral presentations will be 15-minute presentations, with 5-minute Q&A, grouped by topic.

Posters will be presented at the designated poster session on Sunday evening, April 8th.

Management Roundtable Sessions:
Management roundtables are 60- to 90-minute workshop sessions focusing on applied or theoretical research or resource management issues.

Potential Topics for Oral Presentations, Posters and Roundtable Sessions include, but are not limited to:

Ø  Natural resource management
Ø  Travel and tourism
Ø  Environmental quality
Ø  Climate change and recreation
Ø  Outdoor and adventure recreation
Ø  Policy development
Ø  Management applications
Ø  Measurement and forecasting
Ø  Historical/cultural resource management
Ø  Methodological and theoretical development
Ø  Emerging and existing trends
Ø  Urban parks and recreation
Ø  Human dimensions of natural resources
Ø  Sustainable tourism and development
Ø  Park/recreation/tourism planning
Ø  Ecotourism

Student Scholarships:  NERR Symposium student scholarships will be available. Scholarship application information will follow in a separate announcement.

06 October 2017

Will Las Vegas become the latest dark tourism attraction?

The area of the American terrrorist attack this past week will like attract some tourists, at least to offer some brief moment of silence.  I remember seeing the Viet Nam memorial in DC and it left me speechless.

Anyway, maybe the NRA should build a monument?  Hopefully Americans will rise up and work together to reduce the senseless murdering of people from people with guns.

02 October 2017

Fright Tourism and 9 Billion Dollars

Americans are expected to spend over $9 billion on trick or treats this year.

Sweets are the popular treat, while Hallowe'en decorations follow.  Costumes will be purchased by 69%.  (I saw stores starting to sell this stuff back in August!)

All this info comes from the press release of the National Retail Federation.  to get you in the mood, see this little clip of a haunted Maple Sugar House catering to the leaf peepers.

30 September 2017

Martinique spared....so far

Some of the French Caribbean got hit by hurricanes while other islands were spared.  Guadeloupe is on my list to visit, so I may need to wait a bit.  Martinique, on the other hand seems to be open for business. I suspect tourism will increase for this island, as folks scatter from the islands hardest hit so far this season.

Docks in Le Marin, Martinique.

Diamond Rock.

Oh yeah, still have another month of Hurricane season.

29 September 2017

Caribbean Hammered by Hurricanes Updated

The New York Times reported the devastation of several popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean this past week.  The most alarming fact reported however is the large disparity between the islands and the dependence on tourism.

Puerto Rico's electrical grid was destroyed, so the impact is felt across the island.  Yet only 7% of the jobs are in the tourism sector and tourism only contributes only 8% of the the GDP in 2016!

But take Tortola and the other British Virgin Islands to the east where 84% of the jobs and 94% of the GDP is in tourism.

Shame, I was hoping to return to Tortola in the winter to attend one of the full moon celebrations, not the one at the Bomba Shack however!

Instead, we would attend the the Trellis Bay option.

Another report came in last night and gives an update on conditions.  Seems tourists are fleeing to other islands to seek sun and sand.

27 September 2017

World Tourism Day (27 September)

World Tourism Day is today!

Find out if you are a responsible traveler at the World Tourism Organization WTO.