22 April 2014

Cult movie and Food Drive

yes, as part of the Community Service Day event at Westfield State, we are hosting a movie and food drive tomorrow night.

so, if in the neighborhood, stop on by our campus center lounge and check out the flick!

21 April 2014

Arenal may be quiet but check out Poas

Costa Rica is a known ecotourism destination and while Arenal has been quiet, Poas is pretty active.  So why not take a trip to Costa Rica during the green season.

For info on the volcano (and others), check out this link.

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

18 April 2014

61st Running of the Westfield River Canoe Races

Saturday, 19 April 2014, will herald the 61st running of this race.  Check out the details at their site, or better yet, go up to the Hill and Dale Rapids to watch!

Or best of all, grab your wet suit and run the river!

16 April 2014

Storm Chasing 101

Springtime brings out the weather fans and they converge on the American Midwest to catch a tornado.

Storm chasing is a growing pastime and was made popular after the movie Twister hit the big screens.  and continues to draw interest with a variety of TV shows on cable.

For a quick little introduction to Storm chasing, see:

Bristow, Robert S.; Cantillon, Heather. Tornado Chasing, Parks & Recreation. Sep2000, Vol. 35 Issue 9, p98. 8p.

14 April 2014

Hunters sue to end Sunday ban

"Sportsmen in two of the six states that do not allow Sunday hunting are suing to end the ban."  This was the lead sentence in the article by Frank Sousa.  Hikers and other outdoor "persons" should fight to have a day in the woods when they are not threatened by guns!

10 April 2014

Cities and Urban Heat Islands

Just check out these animations about city growth that highlight the need to set aside parks to mitigate urban heat islands.

For example, the former Westfield City Green "used" to have cooler temperatures.

Isotherms of cooler Temps around former Green.

08 April 2014

New Wilderness Area!

On March 13, 2014, President Obama signed legislation designating 32,557 acres of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan as Wilderness, the first congressional designation under the Wilderness Act since 2009.

"President Obama and Congress have given the American people a priceless gift by ensuring that this extraordinary landscape with its towering sand dunes and bluffs will be preserved forever as wild and primitive," said Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell. "Hikers, anglers, paddlers and others who venture into this wilderness will find it just as the Ottawa and Chippewa tribes have for the past 3,000 years - a place of quiet solitude, spectacular views, and abundant wildlife.

The Wilderness Act, signed into law in 1964 and celebrating its Fiftieth Anniversary this year, established the highest level of conservation protection for federal lands. Wilderness areas generally do not allow motorized equipment, motor vehicles, mechanical transport, temporary roads, permanent structures or installation. Visitors can engage in non-motorized recreation in Wilderness areas, including hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting.