22 June 2015

Glacier Bay National Park and Last Chance Tourism

Perhaps one of the easiest places to get to do "last chance tourism" since a regular fleet of cruise ships pass through the area every summer. Pretty soon you will be able to sail into Canada!

Margerie Glacier above, and the map below:

See a short video on YouTube that I just got around to producing at this link.

21 June 2015

NERR joined SORP this past Spring

Like the alphabet soup?  Conference highlights and such are found on their website.  Previous SORP conferences are also found at this site.  The Northeastern Recreation and Research Symposium has been around since 1989!

20 June 2015

Summer Solstice and my final Dead show

About twenty years ago, I saw my final Grateful Dead show over in Albany, NY at the Knickerbocker.  Like all the shows, it was tremendously entertaining and proved to be a wonderful day.  I won't make the final shows this year, but I am reminded about my 20 years of shows.  Jerry, RIP passed away later that summer.

To relive the shows, try archive.org for soundboard (streaming) and audience tapes (downloadable).

19 June 2015

NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day

Always good to see what NASA is doing, and the Image of the Day is usually spectacular.

Click here for the current image.

16 June 2015


I just caught this documentary on streaming Netflix.  All I can say is WATCH IT!

It is inspirational.

It is important.

It is required.

My friend Dr. Jo Beth Mullens (Keene State) has done research on dam removal. So I do know a bit about the subject.  You can too, by watching the film and reading her research.