18 February 2018

I'm feeling very Olympic today!

Recognize the quote from Sanka Coffie in Cool Runnings?  This is one of my favorite films and a must watch during the Olympics.

This year we get to welcome a bob sled  team from Nigeria!  I am so thrilled!

Root for your favorite athlete and team.  And remember whether you are gold or 15th, you are still an OLYMPIAN!  And I a real proud of each and every one of you!

oh yeah, remember "Cool Runnings" means "Peace Be The Journey."

14 February 2018

Kjeld Nuis "there isn't any nature ice!"

The other day, Kjeld Nuis and Patrick Roest earned gold-silver for the Netherlands in the men’s 1,500 meters at the Olympics.  After the race, some NBC sportscaster interviewed Gold Medalist Nuis and in his bilingual accent he said talked about his youth and getting on skates.  He also lamented something like this:

"There isn't any nature ice anymore!"

This references the decline of natural winter ice in Europe and forces him to go inside to train.

I can't find the interview on NBC sports and Youtube.  Perhaps some person can upload that important quote?

13 February 2018

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Haven't done much on Medical Tourism for a few years, but was informed on this need Infographic about Mexico and thought I would share (especially since the two NBC channels on cable show about five hours of Olympic programming daily).  NBC repeats content between the two stations, blaaaa.

Anyway here is Mexico.

10 February 2018


What more can I say.  I am fascinated by this sport.  I mean it is something that I could probably do.  Sure I would consistently over/under through the stone, but it would be fun to try.

For more info visit the Olympic page here.

Basic rules  and written ones here.


And new this year will be mixed doubles

We got our hats, so go Curlers!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I wish NBC would broadcast more Olympics.  Even their sports channel doesn't do 24/7 Olympics now.  Shameful.

08 February 2018

Incoming business and pleasure travel to US down first half of 2017.

I-94 Program: 2017 Monthly Arrivals Data from the National Tourism and Travel Office (preliminary) attempt to quantify the number of non-residents visiting the US for business or pleasure.

In particular is the dramatic decline of travel from Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.  All regions of the World had a reduction of travel between 2017 and 2017 (Arrivals of World Regions).

Countries sending a large percentage of Business travelers (20 % of all travel) were Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Ireland (Top 20 Tourist-Generating Countries).

Is this a reflection of Trump Slump?  Could be.

06 February 2018

Shipwreck Tourism

Expecting five inches tomorrow, so time to virtually tour the Caribbean to warm up.

Seems you can call anything tourism.  Here are few of my photos of shipwrecks.

Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Wreck north of Little Water Cay, TCI

Wreck NW of Pelican Beach, North Caicos, TCI

For more shipwrecks in the Caribbean click here.

04 February 2018

Puppy Bowl Today

What promises to be the biggest game in history, the Puppy Bowl is sure to please every fan and bring a smile at the same time.  Sure you can watch that other game filled with overpriced athletes that are facing more concussions.  But one thing is for sure, Dan the referee in the puppy bowl will break up any "unnecessary ruffness."

Biscuit is set to watch the game today and has been doing her sprints in and out of the house to do a number 1.

It is time for us to rally around the true athletes in World Football (Soccer) and of course the fine women and men of the Olympics!