24 September 2016

Open Sea Map

There are a ton of cool internet mapping sites out there, but I recently found this one and it is pretty neat.  Check out http://map.openseamap.org/  And the main home page here. (in English, other languages available).

22 September 2016

First Day of Fall

Something like 10:21 am eastern time if I recall.

Seems also to be a good day to announce a new YouTube Channel.  No, nothing to do with cats.

But check this out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsXd0a8aLkvATie-VA4WogQ

Called Travel Professors YouTube Channel, we will see if it is sustainable.

I might recommend they mix the sound better since the video I watched had "too much, surf noise in the background."  But in any case,  good luck.

21 September 2016


Please visit http://www.serrconference.org/ to register for the 39th Annual Southeastern Recreation Research Conference March 19th-March 21st 2017 in Asheville, NC.

I presented at this conference back in the 1980's and found it be a friendly and welcoming group.

16 September 2016

ISSRM 2017

International Association for Society and Natural Resources
International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM)
June 19-22, 2017 in UmeƄ, Sweden
Symposium Theme:
Contested Spaces: Bridging Protection and Development in a Globalizing World
Call for Organized Session Proposals: Proposals for Panels, Paper Sessions, Book Review Sessions, and Workshops are invited now – the deadline for submission isOctober 31, 2016, at midnight (Central Standard Time). Proposals from any area of societal relationships to environment and natural resources are welcome. Organized sessions are an opportunity to bring together a group of scholars around a particular topic. They can be a collection of 3-5 oral presentations with or without a discussant, a panel of experts on a given topic, a roundtable discussion, an author-meets-critics session, a workshop, or propose your own idea. Panels and paper sessions will last 75 minutes each. The organizer(s) should recruit participants and include these in the session proposal. Organized sessions will be highlighted and given priority in the program.
Please submit your session proposal electronically by going to the ISSRM 2017 webpage and click on “Add” next to “Session Proposals” on the right side of the page. Please note: a login account is required before a session proposal can be submitted; you must also be logged into your account to submit a session proposal.
Call for Abstracts: Abstract submissions for organized sessions, individual papers and posters are now open and due December 1, 2016, at midnight (Central Standard Time). Individual paper and poster abstracts can be submitted electronically by going to the ISSRM 2017 webpage and clicking on “Add” next to “Abstracts (Oral Presentations and Posters)” on the right side of the page. Please note: a login account is required before an abstract can be submitted; you must also be logged into your account to submit an abstract.
Guidelines for Abstracts:
Abstracts should be in paragraph form without bullet points. Additionally, the abstract body should include details regarding the background, purpose, methods, results, and conclusions. Please also include theory/analytical framework and a description of the methods employed (e.g. quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, etc.).
**Individuals are limited to serving as lead presenter on only one oral paper presentation. This does not include co-authorship and individuals may present both an oral paper presentation and organize a session, present a poster, or serve on a panel.
Please email Jessica Burk (info@iasnr.org) if you have any questions. 
~2017 ISSRM Organizing Committee and IASNR Office

International Association for Society and Natural Resources
info@iasnr.org | 936.294.4143 | www.iasnr.org

10 September 2016


I renewed my Passport this summer and it was pretty quick.  I read somewhere else that Spring is the worst time to do this, since people are planning summer travel.  Well since that was not our plan (we instead did home improvement projects allllll summer), we waited until June to do so and the renewal was quick.

Now, where can we go?

09 September 2016

Glendi 2016

Glendi 2016 starts tonight in Springfield Mass.  One of the great cultural festivals available in Western Massachusetts.

Great fun for the whole family