19 September 2012

Recreation, Tourism and Sport Specialty Group Sessions

The call for papers at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers is in full swing right now. The Recreation, Tourism and Sport Specialty (RTS) Group Sessions are found at this link.  The latest session proposal comes from Prof. Bosak at the University of Montana and the theme is:

Re-framing Sustainable Tourism

The term sustainable tourism has been in existence since the late 1980’s and since that time, debates in the field have been challenged by varying notions of what sustainable tourism is and to what purposes does it serve. In a world that is increasingly globalized and interconnected, contentious and complex, is sustainable tourism limited to small firms located in rural environments, or does the concept have broader applicability. Technology, environmental issues and global- local interactions have changed enormously in the last 25 years thus necessitating an evaluation of the concept as an organizing tool for research and practice. As such, academics and others continue to re-define and reframe issues of sustainable tourism in interesting and innovative ways. This session proposes to highlight some of those ways in which sustainable tourism is being re-framed to include among other things:

  • Its place in complex social-ecological systems
  • Challenges to assumptions treated as facts
  • An increasing focus on justice and governance
  • The relevancy of the notion of resiliency to sustainable tourism
  • The politics of sustainable tourism
  • More nuanced understandings of scale and sustainable tourism
  • Managing and planning sustainable tourism

We invite both empirical research and critical essays on the idea of Reframing Sustainable Tourism. Authors of abstracts chosen for this session will be asked to develop a paper for possible inclusion in a special issue of the journal Sustainability and as a chapter in an upcoming edited volume on re-framing sustainable tourism.

See the RTS website for more details.

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