10 November 2010

Climographs and Recreation Geography

We're doing climatology in physical geography this week. I thought I'd share this great resource from the National Geographic Society on climographs, the method of graphically displaying climate data.


I will always remember my climatology class at Towson State University where we were given the data (temperature and precipitation) and we had to tell where in the world the data represented.

Boy, it was a tough class.


  1. um excuse me.. your climograph does not have a title. this is a basic need with any grapgh and i am very mad that you did not include one as i not can't use this graph because i dont know where the hell its from. please fix this or i will complain further.

  2. k so seeing as you didnt fix the problem i guess i will complain further... this is a big annoyance to me and i really wish you would fix it seeing as if it the climograpgh i need i would like to use it. super cheeesed

  3. sorry for the belated response. The climograph is for Albany NY, and I posted it for an example for people to guess where it might be. If you had clicked on the graph the file name would have given you the answer.

    The lesson plan from the NGS provides ways to create your own climograph. good luck!