12 May 2010

Recreation Geography

So, what is this thing called Recreation Geography. Take the two words and define each. Then merge the two definitions to come up with one possibility. How is this like the definition that we have used in our class?

Use the photo to explain the term.


  1. Jesse VermeerschWednesday, 12 May, 2010

    Recreation- Any and all activities that stimulate the mind and the body to relax and to have fun.

    Geography- The natural and man made resources around you that recreational activities can be used in.

    Discovering and implementing old and new activies that can be participated in a natural or man made setting .

    Its more or less the same concept as what we have been using in our class

  2. Nice Jesse,

    I would definitely agree.

    The concept of refreshing ones mind and letting go of the stresses in ones life through activities and play. In this case a beautiful ocean sea scape!