26 June 2017

Glacier Retreat and Climate Change Evidence

I have travelled to Iceland twice in recents year (2013 and 2015) and plan to return in 2018 for another conference.  During these trips I did the touristy kinds of sightseeing in south Iceland.  We saw some spectacular landscapes including  waterfalls, geysirs, the Northern Lights, seascapes and volcanoes.

The  one thing that blew me away was Sólheimajökull.  Not knowing that I would be returning two years later, I have tried to compare the glacier between the two years using the photos I took during the two trips.  Since I hiked different routes over the two trips, I did not get before and after photos, BUT I did overlap video and pictures taken from the same place.  While the video is not georeferenced like  the  still  camera that has a GPS, I still  believe the images reflect the changes over time.  Here is a comparison.

Next I do have a still from 2015 that you can compare to a video from 2013 from the exact same point.

So what is your take on the glacial retreat?  Maybe 150 meters in 2 years?

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