28 February 2016

Sunday Hike

Hiked Peaked Mountain today.  It is The Trustees of Reservation property east of Springfield, MA.
Offering several miles of trails and loops, the trails lead up the west side of the mountain and offers several rocky outcrops to sit and admire the view.  Well marked, although a bit wet in spots, this is an excellent trail system for all levels of hiking ability.

For more info and a trail map, visit this link.

27 February 2016

Celebrating 100 years of our National Parks

The National Park Service turns 100 this year. As part of the CBS TV series, "On the Trail," Conor Knighton takes a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. At just under 50,000 acres, it's one of our smallest national parks, but also one of the most popular.  Check out this CBS Sunday Morning clip.

22 February 2016

Census Data on Recreation

Try this link for tables and reports devoted to recreation.

"This section presents data on the arts, entertainment, and recreation economic sector of the economy, and personal recreational activities, the arts and humanities, and domestic and foreign travel."

19 February 2016

Recreation and Wealth

To understand recreation demand, we need to understand the SES (demographic) characteristics of users. Age is one important factor. And so is gender.  But what about wealth, especially the HUGE gap between incomes.

See how income varies on this website.  How might this influence participation?

18 February 2016

Water Scarcity impacts 4 Billion People

We take water for granted.  I mean we drink it, we use it to shower, and wash the car.  And we even water our gardens with it.  And best of all, we can play in it.

And get this, people are willing to pay $2 for a pint of it!

While this is all true, 4 BILLION people are threatened by the scarcity of water.  Read this news report for info.

16 February 2016

SCORP updating

Seems States may be tardy in submitting State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans in order to get some federal funding.  Part of the problem might be the need to update the demand study.  Here is a paper that highlights how Census Data might be used.

09 February 2016

yummmmmm Ice Cream tourism

Ice Cream Tourism?  Seems you can put any noun in front of the word Tourism.

Read about it here.

07 February 2016

Puppy Bowl

yes, it is that time of the year when all turn to their favorite bowl game.  No, not the brain concussion one, but one devoted to cute puppies.

Watch it here.

05 February 2016


This year I need to renew my passport.   Apparently I am like a bunch of other citizens that need to do it this year according to the NY Times.

To apply, click here.

Oh yeah, then you can collect these visa stamps!

02 February 2016

The Compatibility of Recreation Activities in Illinois

What happens when you do several different activities at a single park resources?  Are these activity packages? Read here.

01 February 2016

Unauthorized Payments hurt Sandals

You have probably seen those commercials on TV or in magazines.  You know the ones where beautiful people frolic on the beach in a gorgeous setting, with not a worry.  Sandals, a huge all inclusive chain now has an image problem.

Seems some previous management folks paid money to government officials to get in return some cheap land to develop.  Follow the story from this St. Lucia news site.

(1 Feb 2016) An update is found here.

(2 Feb 2016) Update here

(9 Feb 2016) Update here.