05 January 2016

Aurora Borealis

The winter is usually a good time to see the Northern Lights, especially in the high latitudes.  So if you are travelling poleward this winter, there are two things you need to see the Aurora Borealis.  First you need clear skies.  So check out the local weather forecast like this one in Iceland.  There can be some clouds, since lower elevation ones like cumulus may still permit some sky views.

Second you need some solar wind information like what NOAA prepares.

Then enjoy.

To capture the light show on a camera, you must have a tripod, remote release, open the aperture as wide as possible, and expose long, say maybe 30 seconds or so.  These shots were taken this past fall at about 64 degrees north latitude.

oh yeah, the moving light was actually white/silver, but when photographed, the color is green.  That is the actual color.

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