05 December 2015

Sea, Sun, Sand and …. Selecting Surgery: an Exploration of Health, Medical and Wellness

We recently published an exploratory investigation into travel behavior or health, medical and wellness tourists found in Human Geographies.  It reflects the findings of a sample of actual tourists and the motivations behind the travel to a foreign destination for care. I need to also credit my co-author Wen-Tsann Yang (Feng-Chia University) and fellow Ph.D. graduate of the Geography Department at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale for his efforts in this research.

The Abstract:

Mass tourism facilities depend on repeat visitors as well as attracting new first time tourists. As these traditional sun and sand holiday destinations mature, tourism promoters are bundling opportunities to attract a different kind of tourist. Since many of these resorts are all-inclusive facilities and include a Spa, one potential expansion may be to market to health, medical or wellness tourists. Geographic research in travel and tourism has found that individuals either repeat visits to the same destination or diversify their choices. This paper highlights the decision-making process of tourists and how it may be related to the niche market of health, wellness, and medical tourism. It uses data from a survey that gathered the travel patterns and motivations, and socio-demographics of medical tourists. Consumers who exhibit different travel behavior rank hospital accreditation and American hospital affiliation more important than those who repeat travel behavior - See more at: http://www.humangeographies.org.ro/volume-9-issue-2-2015/921-abstract#sthash.bJDUFRpD.dpuf

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