03 December 2015


and always there is the Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium (NERR) 2016 to consider.

Check it out quick since Change is on the way....

NERR will be changing its name to the National Environment and Recreation Research Symposium over the next year. This new national focus will better reflect the broad research perspectives of NERR attendees, who travel to the conference from all over the United States and from other countries as well. As part of this change in focus, a new not-for-profit organization will be formed to organize and host the symposium. The mission of the National Environment and Recreation Research Association will be to foster an interdisciplinary scientific understanding of the relationships between humans and the natural environment in outdoor recreation and tourism-related contexts; further the application of social science information in natural resource decision-making; and provide a mechanism for social scientists, resource managers, practitioners, agency personnel, and decision makers to discuss and exchange information and knowledge . Look for updates about these future changes on this website!

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