29 November 2015

Appalachian Trail Boundary Bushwhacking

The fall is a great time to get out into the woods, and what better excuse to do so by doing some AT boundary monitoring.  Last weekend, I was in the Tyringham Valley, Massachusetts doing just that.
Here is a video of some work in Tract 246-17 and 246-13.  Enjoy.

23 November 2015

November 26-27, 2015 World Summit on Sustainable Tourism ST+20 - Spain

Happen to be in Europe now?  Check out the World Summit on Sustainable Tourism in Spain.  For details. see the page.   Lots of good resources for educators too.

07 November 2015

RIP Dr. Wolfgang Haider (1953 – 2015)

I was saddened to hear about the unexpected death of Wolfgang Haider.  I first got to know Wolfgang at the early years of the Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium and later at the International Symposium of Society and Natural Resources.  He was always pleasant and encouraged me and others in recreation and geography.
There is a nice bio found at this link.

04 November 2015

travel trophies

It always amazes me when the conversation gets around to vacation places and someone announces they have been to 7 islands in the Caribbean or something like that.  Upon closer investigation, I discover they were on a cruise and visited 7 ports.  And if my experience can be the basis, every port in the Caribbean looks, feels, smells the same.  Same trinkets, same food and so on.
This commentary notes this and hopes that after a "taste" the cruise tourist may return to get the real experience.

I wonder about the sample?

02 November 2015

Haymarket ends tipping and raises wages

Another Kudos for a local eatery who is trying to make a difference for their employees.  By raising the hourly wage to 14 bucks (almost $30 k for an annual full time salary), this place only has to raise prices 10 percent in the cafe and 20 percent in the restaurant.
So next time you are in NOHO, check out the Haymarket Cafe.