31 October 2015

Scream ...... TCM and halloween

So today is Halloween and on TCM the day is dedicated to the genre.  Check out these films....
Doctor X, White Zombie, Dementia 13, the Fearless Vampire Killers, Homicidal, The Tingler,, House of Wax, The Devil's Bride, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Curse of the Demon, Dead of Night, Mark of the Vampire and many more this past month.
enjoy....and as Vincent Price suggests ...... SCREAM!

28 October 2015

Kudos to REI

Recreation Equipment Inc (REI) is keeping the 143 stores closed on black Friday and paying employees to be outside!

Is this a cleaver marketing plan or just good plain sense?  I suspect both, since REI will probably gain more online sales this year due to the good publicity.

So, everyone, skip black Friday and finish up the yard work; or better yet, go hiking.

27 October 2015

Fright Tourism thrives in the witch state

DementedFX is a local attraction to scare the bajeebers (is that a word) out of you.  Located in Easthampton in western Mass, about a hundred miles west of the more famous Salem, this indoor attraction is open now. Check out the website for directions and info, and you can buy tickets too.

26 October 2015

winter weather?

For winter 2015-2016 North America (or some of NA), check out this link at weather.gov.

23 October 2015

41 years later

the conditions were right.  Saw the Aurora Borealis last night.

And the Aurora Forecast (Univ. of Alaska) site said it was a good time to see it.

And from the Iceland Meteorological site the clouds were going cooperate.

Specs on the photo above:  Panosonic DMC-ZS40, focus on infinite, wide aperture, 30 second exposure.  Of course on tripod, and 10 second timed release.

Free Maps

Two words I like:


Check it out at this link.

20 October 2015

Bela Lugosi was born on this date

Let's take a moment to reflect on his artistic career.  See his page for more details.  And his IMDB page for his filmography.

03 October 2015