29 August 2015

Another Wx Site

Seems there are a million different sites to get weather information.  This one was shared by a friend and I submit it here (instead of bookmarking it).  It might be interesting to see how it covers the tropical storms.


26 August 2015

this is why you don't plan too far ahead for vacations

A tropical storm alert has been issued for islands in the Caribbean.  For more details check out the National Hurricane Center for maps and such.

So short story, don't plan a vacation anywhere in the Caribbean, Southeast US too far out.  Wait a week out to make the summer plans.

19 August 2015

Aurora Forecast

Heading to Iceland for a conference in October and can't wait.  We last traveled for the Nordic Geographers Meeting in 2013 and explored the island a bit.  We want to revisit some places and also see other sights after this conference.  We are hoping to see the Aurora and have been monitoring this forecast.

18 August 2015

Should we worry about Danny

This is the time of the year that I would not plan far in advance a trip to the Caribbean.
I recall one season, the NRPA hosted a fall conference in Miami.  Not too smart and boy oh boy did the hurricane hit during the conference.

See this site for info on Danny.

15 August 2015

Census dot Gov

Hadn't been to the US Census Bureau website for a while so today, when I need to get some population figures, I discover the population clock.

So click on the image and note that this blog was posted at about 11:30 a.m. eastern on this date.  How many more people are on the planet when you read this?

14 August 2015

AHS Releases Hiking Trails in America Report

The American Hiking Society has published Hiking Trails in America is available to the public as a free download! It is a really nice summary of hiking.  Check it out on a rainy day, before or after your next hike!

12 August 2015

Meteor Shower tonight!

Check out the natural fireworks tonight.

See this link for details to best see the show.

06 August 2015

No federal funding for bottled water bans?

So the Washington Post reported the battle between the National Park Service (the good guys) and the bottled water companies (the bad guys).  Since the bad guys have tons of money, from selling water at $10 a gallon (when you buy a pint), they are pressuring our elected officials:

"Now, Congress — under pressure from the powerful bottled water industry — is threatening to cut off the federal money the Park Service is using to replace the disposable plastic water bottles with refilling stations." and...

"The bottled water association has spent about $510,000 to lobby members of Congress since 2011, records show, and the national parks are one of its top targets this year."

Just goes to show you that business runs America.

04 August 2015