05 April 2015

Green Energy but still paying for Oil in Turks and Caicos

Seems funny that in a region of the world that has abundant sunlight, many Caribbean islands still depend on fossil fuels.  In a recent report, by NREL, National Renewable Energy Lab, they write

"Turks and Caicos has few policies related to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Historically, the territory has not implemented policy mechanisms to aid in the development of clean and energy-efficient technologies. In fact, some policies inhibit their implementation; a ban on new electricity generators, self-generation, and feed-in tariffs is currently in place, minimizing the opportunities for clean energy development regardless of technical and economic potential."

So tourists might want to know:

"Turks and Caicos has the highest reported greenhouse gas emissions in the region—the reduction in fuel imports seen from energy efficiency and renewable energy implementation will greatly help to reduce those emissions and improve air and water quality."

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