29 April 2015

West Springfield Open Space and Recreation Plan

Residents are invited to provide input on open space and recreation in West Springfield, Massachusetts and can complete an online survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WestSpringfieldOSRP

28 April 2015

Wisdom found on a road trip

When you do d road trip, there is a lot of time to ponder life.  I really like this quote from Emily Post who recommended to avoid making snap judgments.

“Unless you can stay in a city long enough to know some of its people, to learn something about its atmosphere and personality, your opinion of it is as valueless as your opinion of a play would be, after seeing only the posters on the outside of the theater.” (Post)

Read more in her bookBy Motor to the Golden Gate.

27 April 2015

Quake in Nepal

For a different take on the current quake, see this site from France.  It is also in English.

25 April 2015

April 25–28, 2011 tornado outbreak

Today is the anniversary date of one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in recent times.  This also means that the highways in the great plains, also known as "tornado alley" will be jammed packed with storm chasers, both professional and amateurs, as they seek the opportunity to see one of these remarkable weather events.

We wrote about storm chasing a while back.  And a google search will find more on the subject.

23 April 2015

China to accept US Credit Cards

China has announced that foreign companies like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express can bring their payment processing operation in that country starting 1 June 2015.  Should be a boom for tourism!

21 April 2015


MAY IS WETLANDS MONTH, and JUNE IS RIVERS MONTH! This calendar, covering river-and wetlandrelated events in Massachusetts from Saturday, April 25 to Sunday, July 5, has been compiled by the Mass. Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Ecological Restoration (DER) to provide you with the opportunity to participate in events in, on, along or about the rivers and wetlands of the Commonwealth. Take this opportunity to invite your friends, family, local leaders, legislators, and/or a favorite reporter to clean up, paddle, protect, enjoy and celebrate your favorite rivers, streams, salt marshes and freshwater wetlands, or experience new ones. Get some healthful exercise and spend time in nature in and/or along the Commonwealth’s many scenic waterways and marshes.

20 April 2015

24th Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research

I have two abstracts submitted to this conference.  And we are looking forward to our second visit to this wonderful land.  Surreal is one word that comes to mind.  People are wonderful, landscape is just incredible and it ain't too far from Boston.  Here is a shot from our last visit two years ago for the Nordic Geographers Meeting.

├×ingvellir (Thingvellir), That's America to the right (west) and the rest of Europe to the left (east).

19 April 2015

Today's Hike along Scantic River

Hiked a short loop trail in Scantic River State Park in Connecticut.  No signs direct you there, but using google maps on my Android phone we were able to find the trail head.  Check it out.

I composed a brief video on the hike and posted on YouTube for your pleasure.

18 April 2015

Westfield Dog Bark Grand Opening today!

I shot some video today of our four legged companions.  A couple shots are their 2 legged friends!


16 April 2015

Spring Cleaning on the Mt Washington Auto Road

There are some great shots of the work done along the road to Mt Washington, NH.  Check them out.

15 April 2015

More community presentations for Tourism

The Hilltowns of Massachusetts are highlighted in this video.  I am really proud of my Travel and Tourism students.  Remember, this is not a videography course.

14 April 2015

Community Tourism Presentations

So, I am having my students prepare a "informational video" highlighting tourist attractions in local communities.  Here is the link for 

Welcome to Southampton and Easthampton Massachusetts

That was produced two years ago!  Here is an alternative link 

11 April 2015

Airport Information is always good

Some Airports are good, and others, shall we say stink.

There are some airports I will avoid whenever possible and if I cannot avoid it, I at least have some good idea what to expect.  This site http://www.ifly.com/ is pretty useful since there is an active log with information for travelers. In particular, there is information about connecting flights.

While I don't need to go to the site, for example, I know from experience you need at least 2 hours to clear immigration in Miami Airport, and more if during "rush hour."  If I don't know an airport, I do want to leave enough time to make connections since the airlines do not take that into consideration when they offer multiple leg trips.

05 April 2015

Green Energy but still paying for Oil in Turks and Caicos

Seems funny that in a region of the world that has abundant sunlight, many Caribbean islands still depend on fossil fuels.  In a recent report, by NREL, National Renewable Energy Lab, they write

"Turks and Caicos has few policies related to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Historically, the territory has not implemented policy mechanisms to aid in the development of clean and energy-efficient technologies. In fact, some policies inhibit their implementation; a ban on new electricity generators, self-generation, and feed-in tariffs is currently in place, minimizing the opportunities for clean energy development regardless of technical and economic potential."

So tourists might want to know:

"Turks and Caicos has the highest reported greenhouse gas emissions in the region—the reduction in fuel imports seen from energy efficiency and renewable energy implementation will greatly help to reduce those emissions and improve air and water quality."

04 April 2015

Annual April Fools Blog

I need to come clean...there will be no 24/7 Cheers TV channel.

Now, what about Law and Order?

Hollywood, waddya' think?

01 April 2015

24/7 Cheers Channel to Premier

Gov. Baker (R-Massachusetts) has announced the film tax credits will be removed and this may discourage Hollywood from filming in the Bay State.  Massachusetts has been the setting for several several recent films like  “The Judge” to “American Hustle,” “Labor Day,” “Ted,” “The Town,” “The Social Network,” and “The Fighter” and such TV shows as “Wahlburgers” and “Top Chef: Boston”.

A spokesperson for Baker counters however, by announcing the new streaming channel devoted to the hit TV series Cheers. When asked if the series could fill a 24/7 slot of entertainment, Spokesperson Sam Danson replied "sure, we plan to fill in gaps with live camera feeds of local bars."  People sitting around bars for hours on end, and drinking beer have lots of things to talk about.  We expect it to be more popular than the local news; and certainly a lot more entertaining."

Time will tell.