26 September 2014

Chicago Airport closed, air travel stymied

Gosh, it seems just like a few months ago when the winter weather created havoc in air travel.  Me?  We got stranded in Miami and spent a night in the airport hotel (thank goodness) when bad weather canceled our flight home.  And this has happened several times during our annual flight to escape winter.

So today, it is a human-caused fire that disrupts ORD and the rippling effect will be felt across the country and perhaps the world since this is one MAJOR hub.

Hope folks have a book to read.

23 September 2014

Planning air travel

you know what I hate about air travel? Well several things but one problem I have now is trying to find out who flies where and on what days.  So I can use a search engine to find flights, but what do I do when an airline only operates 2 or 3 times a week?  My travel dates a flexible so if a schedule could be downloaded I can find my flights.  Instead I am forced to plug in multiple dates and times, connecting airports and then eventually book my flight on my timetable, on my connecting cities and my duration.

this stinks.

22 September 2014

NERR Proceedings for 2011 and 2013 now available

Took awhile but the Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium Proceedings are now published online at this link.  At present, just two years, but I suspect 2012 will be along shortly.  See the NERR homepage for details.

17 September 2014

The Song Remains the Same

We miss the days of rock concert movies.  I am watching, more like listening to the 1976 movie called "The Song Remains the Same" chronicling the Led Zeppelin concert from 1973 in the Madison Square Garden.  I mean, it is not my favorite, but it is like listening to a live album for a couple of hours as I make dinner.  

My favorite, of course is "The Grateful Dead Movie" released in 1977 from a series of '74 concerts.  This one rocks!

And then there is the rockumentary "This is Spinal Tap."  I bought the soundtrack for that one!

There are others out there too.  But we no longer see artists producing them.  Maybe it is time for newer musicians to create another rock opera? 

14 September 2014

The Big E opens this weekend

Some rain was sandwiched between some great days, but that won't dampen (pun intended) the interest is this fair.  The typical rides, food, displays, including all those "shown on TV" must-haves, and of course, some farm animals, will be available to the guests.  Lynyrd Skynyrd is on tap for next weekend, but ZZ Top canceled.  Fried food is plentiful, too.

We did an economic impact study some fifteen years ago, and after attending the fair daily for 2 weeks during 1999, I have not returned.  Filled my appetite I guess.

10 September 2014

Westfield City Council rejects move to rescind Community Preservation Act

Good news for our Town, As reported in the media, the Community Preservation Act is safe, for now.

The measure assesses property owners one-percent of their property taxes to raise funds for preservation of historic property and buildings, open space and housing. It exempts the first $100,000 of property valuation.

For Westfield's CPA page, click here.

Since the town dissolved the BID (Business Improvement District), all citizens will bear the burden to keep our city alive, not just those who profit from it.

08 September 2014

Star Trek premiered today in 1966

I remember watching this show on a Black and White TV,  Remember those?

For everything Trekky see http://www.startrek.com/

06 September 2014

the web and the Image Of The Day

The web has always been good for "something" of the day sites.  I remember early work (maybe by Yahoo?) of producing a link to a new site every day to showcase something new.

Here is a site of the day site that deals with remote sensing:


check it out!

03 September 2014

Air Rage and smaller seats on planes

Southwest and United cram six more seats on their flights to increase profits.  That is at a loss of one inch of space on each row.  American added 10 seats on 737-800s increasing the number of passengers to 160.  And Delta shrunk the toilet  to gain 4 more seats (as if the toilets weren't small enough).

So this does not sit well with the passengers who must go through security gauntlets, fight for the limited space in the overhead bins and otherwise be herded like cattle.

So, everyone must remain calm.

01 September 2014

no worries about hurricanes....

Tourism in the Caribbean is up this summer.  Consider TCI and this report.
This seems to jive with the report from the official tourism site in TCI

But before you head to the island, check on the weather at the National Hurricane Center. For example, Pelican Beach Hotel (above) closes during hurricane season