01 April 2014

Insta-weather App for Android

The debut of a new weather app for Android devices has been announced.  At first you might say, why do we need another app?  I mean, we got a dozen or so right now; what makes this new one so great?

Well first it is free, and we all know that free is good.

Second, this Insta-Weather App downloads data from NOAA and through its Bluetooth, transmit a small pulse at 149 gigahertz to the user's cerebral cortex to stimulate emotions.  Yes, so when the weather is rainy and gloomy, that is, a low pressure system and high humidity, the brain will receive happy thoughts.

Insta-Weather will become available online later this month.  April showers bring may flowers!

After all, we need rainy days to appreciate the sunny ones!

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