01 April 2013

NRA to give gifts to visitors in Parks

In an attempt to reach out to the non-gun owners in the country, the Nationalized Rifle Association is planning to give families visiting National Parks free gifts this fall.  Orange colored vests will be given to every adult visiting the parks, spokesperson Colt Wayne reporting in a Press Release on Easter.  "We want our visitors to stand out in the park, and the orange vest will do just that."

Also part of the give-away, will be animal shaped raincoats for baby strollers.  Shaped like deer, bunny rabbits and squirrels, these designs are meant to keep the toddlers happy during there time in the park lands.

The press release coincides with another NRA announcement to permit assault weapon hunting in our parks.  The huge capacity guns are encouraged since it is will likely ensure a good hunt and minimize injured animals during the hunting season.

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