30 January 2013

Community Preservation Act interest level

The interest should be better. After all the CPA provides matching funds for Open Space and Recreation, Affordable Housing and Historic Preservation.  And these make a community a better place to live or visit.  See the news report in this morning's paper.

Wrote a paper on the CPA a few years back to compare and contrast the socio-demographic characteristics of communities accepting (or have yet to vote) the Community Preservation Act.  It is titled "The Massachusetts Community Preservation Act: factors influencing acceptance" and is available at this site.

In New England, urban sprawl creates a need for protecting open space. In 2002, residents of Southwick, MA, voted to accept the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (CPA), which helps communities implement smart growth by providing funds for affordable housing, open space protection, and historic landmark preservation. This paper summarizes the findings of a survey administered before the town-wide CPA vote. Survey and demographic data from Southwick and other Massachusetts communities are compared in order to anticipate additional acceptance of the statewide initiative. The data suggest that communities that have higher median household incomes and more extensive housing stock are more likely to adopt the CPA.

Has your town adopted a Smart Growth strategy?

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