29 December 2012

Greece uncovers tourism scam

Caught this news report from Reuters.  As if the Greek people don't have enough problems, former leadership in Greece’s National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is in deep doo doo.  

The official Greek Tourism site is http://www.visitgreece.gr/.  

14 December 2012

Meteor Shower last night

Last night we had a great light show in the backyard. For the report see this link.

The Geminid Meteor Shower produced up to 100 meteors per hour.

So, we were outside and I saw several meteors and one satellite.  The satellite was moving east to west, but was probably fixed in space as the Earth spins eastward.

For more information about these astronomical light shows, see here.

Pretty cool eh?

11 December 2012

Worth Repeating... Tourism not biggest industry

As I prep for teaching Travel and Tourism Planning next spring 2013, I am gathering a set of reading on the subject. One that I may use early in the course is the essay by Dr. Alan Lew of Northern Arizona University found on his blog.

Originally written in 2008, Alan updated the blog earlier this year (2012) and for obvious reasons, received several comments.

While Tourism is big, and I mean BIG, like grades in education, I also believe the statistics are highly inflated.

03 December 2012

The Creeping Terror on 16mm

Christmas is early this year when I picked up a 16mm print of The Creeping Terror.  Now, that's entertainment! Google this title to see some clips of the slowest monster on Earth, as well as the slowest army soldiers fighting it.  For a critical review, visit this site.

Just wonderful b-movie madness for next season's film festival!  While not public domain, you can watch the film on YouTube.  Some mighty fine acting too.