28 August 2012

Dark Tourism part deux

I suspect there is some story at this location, but without taking the time to research it, and certainly no signage at the site, this ruin is just a mystery.

To see the location, visit this link.

19 August 2012

Dark Tourism in Maryland

On a recent trip to Maryland's Eastern Shore to visit family, we stopped by the Mystery Loves Company Bookstore in Oxford.  (funny thing, they had the doors wide open and and a window AC blasting, talk about waste, but that is another story).

We picked up a copy of Burgoynes' Haunted Eastern Shore (MD) and began to read about the local area.

One that intrigued me was The Hanging Tree, Tunis Mills.  Well, we found it and it is not too far from downtown Easton.

I'll let you research the validity of the claim of this Dark Tourism attraction, but to find it, check out my Panoramio (and Google Earth) location.

10 August 2012

Olympic Memories

so far....Kudos to:

Hong Kong
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
Trinidad & Tobago

have all earned medal for their countries!!  It is a bronze one, but still a medal.  Congrats to you and all Olympians on Earth.

05 August 2012

Great New England Air Show

Well, the Great New England Air Show was this weekend, so anyone with a lick of sense avoided Exit Five on the Pike.  Now, I don't have anything against recreational flying.  I mean, I do a fair share of carbon emissions every time I fly somewhere.

But what does bother me is the glorification of the war machines.  Sure, these craft rescue people from floods and other natural disasters, but they also transport weapons and the personnel trained to use them.

OK, I will get off my soapbox and tell you about my friend Rod Warnick's paper titled "Purchase decision involvement: Event management segments and related event behavior" that you can find on this site.  The abstract:

The goal of this research was to examine the relationships between different levels of event purchase decision involvement (PDI) segments and their respective event behaviors (e.g., expenditures, travel behavior, event consumption and satisfaction). The specific purpose was to answer two major research questions: 1) Can PDI identify different levels or segments of event attendees?; and 2) Do the PDI segments differ by their tendency to travel, spend, and consume at an event?