18 July 2012

Last Chance Tourism

I got a news feed this morning from CNN stating a huge chunk of ice broke off a glacier in Greenland.  See this link for details.

It reminded me of a trip to Alaska in 2006 where we travelled by boat to Glacier Bay.  We wanted to see the glaciers before they were gone, gone forever!

There is a balancing act tourist must follow.  How do we visit these "last chance" destinations to see glaciers, or wolves, or polar bears or what ever is disappearing from our planet with out contributing to the loss.

Yeah, you got it: climate change.

We want to return to Glacier Bay in 2016, to see if this glacier is still there.  Oh and to rad about last chance tourism, see this paper titled "Last-chance tourism: the boom, doom, and gloom of visiting vanishing destinations" at this link.

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