15 May 2012

Géographie et tourisme, une relation ancienne, à faire et à refaire

or....Geography and Tourism, a longstanding relationship, to make and remake.

This article is available at the EchoGeo website and proposes a unique concern in tourism and geography from a French perspective. It builds upon the "descriptive stage" where geographers were the first to write travel guides (who would be better) to an Era of Diversity and a multi-inter-disciplinary approach to tourism studies.

I hope my Google Translate was accurate enough to get the essence of this paper.

The complete citation is:

Maria -Gravari Barbas and Sebastian Jacquot , "Geographers and tourism trades,"EchoGéo [Online], Issue 19 | 2012, Online since 10 February 2012, connecting on 15 May 2012. URL: http://echogeo.revues.org/13009

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