25 May 2012

Former Sewer, Connecticut River nation's first BLUEWAY

A take on greenway, we now find the Connecticut River named as the country's first Blueway.See this press release from the Department of Interior. A media kit is found on that site as well.


ABSTRACT: Once referred to as America's “best landscaped sewer,” the Connecticut has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last three decades. During this time, a number of public agencies and private organizations have worked diligently to implement policies and measures aimed at improving the river's quality. Ample data collected over the years indicate that the actual water quality conditions of the Connecticut River, as measured by empirical parameters, have improved. However, prior to this study, no data existed regarding the public's perceptions of these changes. This paper will address this issue by presenting the results of a multiyear survey designed to assess the public's perceptions regarding the Connecticut's current quality, and its suitability in supporting various recreational activities. The results suggest that the majority of individuals perceive the Connecticut's water quality to be high enough to support a wide range of recreational activities including those involving physical contact with the water. Additionally, this research concludes that the vast majority of individuals who have recreated on the river for 20 years or more do perceive a significant improvement in the river's overall quality. Thus, it appears that policies and actions taken to improve the Connecticut's quality have been successful in the public's eye.

23 May 2012

Islands of the World XII Conference 2012

Next week researchers will converge on the island of Tortola for the

Islands of the World XII Conference 2012

a host of themes at the conference are much much more than tourism, but a visit to an island is always good.

Agriculture and FisheriesHealth and Social Development
Economic DevelopmentEntrepreneurship
Disaster ManagementTourism
Financial ServicesCaribbean Governance and Business
Alternative Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentClimate Change and Conservation
History and CultureEducation and Literature
PhilanthropyInformation Technology

21 May 2012

Massachusetts may increase CPA funding

Massachusetts Senate is considering increasing the matching funds to support the Community Preservation Act.  The CPA is designed to match local funding to support recreation and open space, protect historic resources and create affordable housing.  I blogged about the CPA on 8 May 12, 3 May 12, 23 Mar 12, 25 Mar 12, and others (you can search on the right).

This is good news and will likely stimulate the economy.

15 May 2012

Géographie et tourisme, une relation ancienne, à faire et à refaire

or....Geography and Tourism, a longstanding relationship, to make and remake.

This article is available at the EchoGeo website and proposes a unique concern in tourism and geography from a French perspective. It builds upon the "descriptive stage" where geographers were the first to write travel guides (who would be better) to an Era of Diversity and a multi-inter-disciplinary approach to tourism studies.

I hope my Google Translate was accurate enough to get the essence of this paper.

The complete citation is:

Maria -Gravari Barbas and Sebastian Jacquot , "Geographers and tourism trades,"EchoGéo [Online], Issue 19 | 2012, Online since 10 February 2012, connecting on 15 May 2012. URL: http://echogeo.revues.org/13009

11 May 2012

Stamp Out Hunger Saturday 12 May 2012

This Saturday, Postal Carriers will collect curb side food for the local Food Pantries.  Time to donate canned goods and non-perishable food items.  Tuna Fish, Mac & Cheese, Soup, Veggies are all needed.

I know the food that our local Post Office (01085) will collect will help feed Westfield residents until September 2012.

And don't just dig out the old dusty cans in the cabinets; go to the store today and pick up some good stuff!

See this link for more info.

10 May 2012

Southwick Open Space Plan needs your input

Southwick, Massachuestts is asking your opinion for the Recreation and Open Space Opportunities.  You can participate in the study at this link.

There is not question in the survey regarding your home residence, but I suspect as long as you are a neighbor, that would be ok.

Here is your chance to direct recreation and open space opportunities in Southwick.  An example of farmland protected, see this link.

09 May 2012

Westfield Dog Bark "Strut with your Mutt"

This Saturday at 10 am, you can Strut with your Mutt, starting at Whitney Field in Westfield MA. Enter via the Shepard Street Entrance.

For more information visit us on Facebook.

08 May 2012

National Trails Day 2012

National Trails Day is Saturday 2 June 2012

What are doing that day?  Well if you don't want to participate in one of the hundred activities sponsored that day by the American Hiking Society, at least get out an hike in your favorite park.

The picture is me on the MM Trail. (Photo by Dan Smart)

05 May 2012

Super Moon Tonight

Caught this news feed from the Ottawa Citizen about tonight's great show.  The Moon will be close and as a result, look bigger.

For us in New England, the weather looks promising. And the moon should rise for us about 7:45 PM.

So after dinner, before you start studying Recreation Geography, check out the moon.

03 May 2012

How has the Community Preservation Act helped?

The Community Preservation Coalition is dedicated to help organizations and governments improve the quality of life in Massachusetts by improving recreation and open space, historic preservation and affordable housing.

For a list of communities that have adopted the CPA, see this link.

Is your community on this list?

01 May 2012

Tourism: World's Largest Industry???

Well, Dr. Alan Lew, Northern Arizona University reports in his blog that the World Travel and Tourism Council is again going to try to "prove" the title statement.  Read his blog for the details.

I mean, can tourism be bigger that the medical field?  Just look at your latest EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from your health insurance.

You've heard about the military spending $1,000 for a hammer, but what about $100 for an aspirin.

Wow, thinking about that, perhaps the military is the largest industry in the world?