02 February 2012

Ban Plastic Bags!

I carry a few cloth bags in our vehicles so I will always have them available when I go grocery shopping. But I also take the bags into other stores. If I am getting just one item, I just say, save the oil and refuse the plastic bag.

I now have picked up some larger sturdy bags since the cloth bags given out at conferences tend to be small and only carry a modest amount of groceries.

Ban the Plastic Bag!


  1. I am the same way. I dont like to accept a plastic bag from a grocery store. I have become more aware of the dangers we are facing on this earth today and i feel any small bit of sustainability i can do to make a difference is well worth it!

    keep it up & hopefully others will too!

  2. There was actually a student (I think) in the DIning Commons the other day handing out fliers in regards to banning the plastic bag because people don't throw them away and as a result, they're killing innocent animals because the bags end up on the rivers and streams, it's similar to that of those plastic holders that sodas come attached to!

    I'm also the same way, I have reusable cloth bags that I bring to the store with me!