29 January 2012

Are $US 99 airfares gone?

The Feds are now requiring airlines to post the final and complete price for airfares. Gone, supposedly, are the teaser fares that may jump 200% after taxes and fees are added.

Economy airlines are complaining citing that no other industry has to post taxes on purchases. Spirit Airlines even created a website to garner some support.

So as an example, I looked at Spirit to book a flight from Boston, MA (BOS) to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)

FLIGHT $580.00
TAXES & FEES $131.31

APHIS User Fee $5.00
CR - National Tourism Fee $15.00
CR-Common Area User Fee $7.69
CR-Security Fee $2.74
Immigration User Fee $7.00
Passenger Facility Fee $13.50
Passenger Usage Fee $33.98
September 11th Security Fee $7.50
US Customs Fee $5.50
US-International Departure Tax $33.40

TOTAL $711.31

Next I searched the same dates on Hipmunk.com and found this:

The best price found would be on Continental and a total price of $US 660.00.

Granted, I didn't check prices before the feds made retailers quote total price, and we all know that air fares change frequently during the day, but I am in favor of honest pricing. Also, schedules, airlines reputation, frequent flyer accounts and such all contribute to the consumer's decision, so let's see how this plays out.


  1. I'd be interested to know how it plays out. I love to travel and explore, but flights are always the deciding factor of where I'm actually going to go.

    1. If the flight cost increases, we will be seeing more people not travel long distance and more people traveling 5-10 hours away from their homes.

  2. It's no wonder major airlines are losing business, those prices are outrageous! I booked a flight to Orlando over Winter Break and upon boarding the plane, looked around and realized how empty it was! And supposedly it's the busy season for travel; people trying to escape the colder weather.

    I am also in favor of honest pricing though, I would prefer to know EXACTLY what I'm paying for and why.

  3. I remember flying a Red Eye from Detroit to Boston returning from a conference. There were three passengers!