27 January 2012

Anticipation Phase of the Recreation Experience

Yep, as I said yesterday in class, as soon as I come home from one trip and I am thinking about the next. I re-read Chilkoot Pass, the Most Famous Trail in the North over the break. Where I can virtually live the experience of that famous trail.

I like reading those kinds of books. Think about your "Anticipation Phase or Stage" on a leisure experience.


  1. I lived in Hawaii for a semester and my friends and I would go on recreational hikes, bike rides, or camping on the weekends. The anticipation throughout the week when we knew what we were doing was crazy! Then the reward was always the best. The scenery was always beautiful and fulfilling!

  2. I went to Orlando over Winter Break and the night before my friends and I (who were also going) attempted to get a 'good night's sleep' but ended up staying up the entire night talking about what were going to do. The anticipation of the trip is half the fun!