14 January 2012

Always interesting to see

When I take a road trip, that is a driving road trip, I mainly want to get from point A to point B in the quickest amount of time.

But sometimes, I travel off the Interstate Highway to see "America". You can see UFO's that way but moving 70 mph doesn't give you much time to stop and investigate.

So get off the super highway and check out Suicide Bridge or a glacial erratic in Central Park.

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  1. When friends and I take road trips, they're usually really spontaneous. For example, two summers ago a friend and I drove out to see another friend who happened to live in the Berkshires. We had never been out that way before, so we would frequently check the GPS for neat places to stop just to make the trip a little more exciting!

    When we got there, we visited all these beautiful places (Mount Greylock being one of them) that you never would've known were there if my friend hadn't taken us to them!

    I think to get the most out of trips like these, you have to go without much of a plan or schedule, that way when you find something worth going to, you can just go.