29 January 2012

Are $US 99 airfares gone?

The Feds are now requiring airlines to post the final and complete price for airfares. Gone, supposedly, are the teaser fares that may jump 200% after taxes and fees are added.

Economy airlines are complaining citing that no other industry has to post taxes on purchases. Spirit Airlines even created a website to garner some support.

So as an example, I looked at Spirit to book a flight from Boston, MA (BOS) to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)

FLIGHT $580.00
TAXES & FEES $131.31

APHIS User Fee $5.00
CR - National Tourism Fee $15.00
CR-Common Area User Fee $7.69
CR-Security Fee $2.74
Immigration User Fee $7.00
Passenger Facility Fee $13.50
Passenger Usage Fee $33.98
September 11th Security Fee $7.50
US Customs Fee $5.50
US-International Departure Tax $33.40

TOTAL $711.31

Next I searched the same dates on Hipmunk.com and found this:

The best price found would be on Continental and a total price of $US 660.00.

Granted, I didn't check prices before the feds made retailers quote total price, and we all know that air fares change frequently during the day, but I am in favor of honest pricing. Also, schedules, airlines reputation, frequent flyer accounts and such all contribute to the consumer's decision, so let's see how this plays out.

27 January 2012

Anticipation Phase of the Recreation Experience

Yep, as I said yesterday in class, as soon as I come home from one trip and I am thinking about the next. I re-read Chilkoot Pass, the Most Famous Trail in the North over the break. Where I can virtually live the experience of that famous trail.

I like reading those kinds of books. Think about your "Anticipation Phase or Stage" on a leisure experience.

22 January 2012

Recreation Geography and zusammenhang

This course deals with the human in a recreational environment. Three themes will be introduced: recreation Activity, People participating in recreation and the park Resource. A series of readings and lab assignments will be utilized in the course.

Sounds like fun?

check this out.

14 January 2012

wanna' Cruise?

Boy, get 4000 people on a top heavy boat and you get this.

This will really help tourism.

Always interesting to see

When I take a road trip, that is a driving road trip, I mainly want to get from point A to point B in the quickest amount of time.

But sometimes, I travel off the Interstate Highway to see "America". You can see UFO's that way but moving 70 mph doesn't give you much time to stop and investigate.

So get off the super highway and check out Suicide Bridge or a glacial erratic in Central Park.

13 January 2012

Glaciers and Recreation Geography

Living in New England presents many opportunities to see glaciated landscapes. I mean, much of the area was under a mountain of ice some 14 to 16 thousand years ago. Even New York's Central Park has some unique features to check out (http://www.panoramio.com/photo/37060939)

I also have seen glaciers in Alaska and hope to return before they all melt (http://www.panoramio.com/photo/16777041).

So in your lifetime, if possible, commit the time and money to see these wonderful landscapes

11 January 2012

Life is Good

Stocking up on Blue Mountain Coffee is always a treat. Truly the nectar of the gods.

For more info check out this link.

You can order from Amazon, eBay or the roasters direct. When in Montego Bay, check out Mega Mart for decent prices and bulk discounts.

And you can hit the airport for carry on enjoyment.

05 January 2012

how many pounds (tons) of carbon is my flight contributing

I notice that most American airlines do not give an option to offset carbon emissions. Or if they do, it is buried down deep in the website.

I think I will plant some trees in the spring!

02 January 2012

Google Earth

I probably visit Google Earth a couple times a week. As a geographer I love doing this kind of "virtual tourism" for places I want to visit or the anticipation stage of the Recreation Experience (Clawson and Knetsch 1966). I can also revisit or Recollect the experience upon my return.

For example here is a recollected image of Sapodilla Hill on Providenciales. Google this location to see the historic resources found on the hill.

01 January 2012

Donate to your favorite Park

If you don't have the $$$, try donating your time. Most parks, both public and private have some kind of "Friends" Group that helps out with fundraising, maintenance and management the the park. So take a check or stop by and ask what you can do to help out. Even picking up trash will help.