08 December 2011

U.S. International Travel for First Half 2011

From TI News:

The U.S. citizen outbound market totaled 28.2 million travelers for the first six months of 2011.
Overseas markets held a 47 percent share of all U.S. outbound international travel.
  • U.S. travel to Europe was 5.2 million visitors, with an 18 percent share;
  • Asia was 2.0 million, with a seven percent share;
  • Caribbean was 3.2 million, with an 11 percent share;
  • South America was 810,000, with a three percent share;
  • Central America was 1.1 million, with a four percent share;
  • Middle East was 665,000, with a two percent share;
  • Oceania was 249,000, with a one percent share; and
  • Africa was 175,000, with a one percent share.

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