01 April 2011

G. W. Bush National Park

In recognition of his superior record protecting natural resources, the American Department of Interior announced today the formation of Bush National Park in Crawford, TX. The property is the former 1600 acre Prairie Chapel Ranch bought from the Engelbrecht family in 1999 for $1.00. Today, the property is worth $0.99. Dubbed "The Western White House," by some who knew the President, Crawford now enjoys some economic prosperity. Now townsfolk sip their morning coffee waiting for their Social Security Checks. Sorry no Starbucks!

Crawford invites citizens around the world to enjoy the natural wonders found in the park like sage brush and tumble weed. A local effort to clean up the discarded beer cans is underway, but is expected to take some time. For more information about Bush National Park, see www.bushnatioinalpark.com.

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