09 March 2011

Remember when you last used a travel Agent?

About ten years ago I gave a paper at the 8th International Symposium on Society & Resource Management (Western Washington University) titled Eliminating Boundaries for Tourism Using the Internet.

It dealt with the growing movement away from using a travel agent to book travel to using the Internet. Remember the uncertainty you may have felt when you booked a flight online? I do!

Anyway, internet travel sites blossomed in the in the new decade. Orbitz was one of the first, but from the start, I simply used that site to get some basic information since the search engine was not exclusive. Next came Smarter Living (now Smarter Travel). And next came Kayak.

Well, at the doctor's office waiting room yesterday, I discovered Hipmunk. Perhaps the best site for flights at least. I did a local search from my local airport (BDL) as well as one around the world (HKG to BKI) and I like it.

The graphic is an advertisement from the period warning people against using the unknown search engine called the Internet to book travel.

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