29 December 2010

Mt Pelee Observatory

In a bit less than a month, we'll be in Martinique for a conference. Before the conference, we will be spending a few days in Le Carbet and will visit the observatory (http://www.ipgp.fr/pages/030303.php). Apparently there has been some activity or seismic noise. See http://geoscope.ipgp.fr/scripts/stations/fiche.php?sta=FDF&id=64 for details. I'll post some photos and video upon my return.

But in the meantime, I am working on the paper titled "Sea, sun, sand and …. Selecting Surgery, an exploration of Medical Tourist Travel Behavior". In it we explore repeat or diversified travel behavior on medical tourists.

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  1. here is a cam for Volcan Turriaba in Costa Rica: