26 November 2010

Visual Geography

I love to show photographs when I teach. I mean, isn't it great that as geographers we can show our vacation slides in class? So depending on the class I can show pictures of places I have been to.
This is especially true with Recreation Geography.

And if you don't have the perfect picture in your file, you can always grab something off the Web. Be sure to give photo credit for it!

I have been posting shots on Panoramio (http://www.panoramio.com/user/2492564) which is especially neat since you can map it on Google Earth. The editors will select it for Google Earth and so far I have 58 of the 67 photos selected. Red Sky at Night ....

But I am not here to brag, I want to tell you about MapCrunch.Com. Check it out for some great photos around the world.

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