31 July 2010

Proceedings of the 2000 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium

About time eh? Well click on the title link to see papers like:

Constraints and benefits of changing the distribution process for recreation special use permits in the U.S. Meybin, Jessie; Burns, Robert; Graefe, Alan; Absher, James D.

Changes in national park visitation (2000-2008) and interest in outdoor activities (1993-2008). Warnick, Rodney B.; Schuett, Michael A.; Kuentzel, Walt; More, Thomas A.

Recreation trails in Maine and New Hampshire: A comparison of motorized, non-motorized, and non-mechanized trails. Wilkerson, Ethel; Whitman, Andrew.

Experiences of campers and campsite impacts in the St. Regis Canoe Area Wilderness. Dawson, Chad P.; Schuster, Rudy M.; Propst, Blake M.; Black, Corenne.

NERR. Always a good source of recreation research!

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