25 June 2010

Westfield Outdoor Recreation and Open Space Plan

seems the City is on a rush schedule to crank out the 5 year Outdoor Recreation and Open Space Plan. Well it is now a seven year plan, so it is even more important to get citizen input.

Sorry folks, no survey this time. A public forum was held last night and the 30 or so attendees are representing the interests of 40,000 residents.

What came out of forum? Seven goals that will direct all Outdoor Recreation and Open Space issues for the next 7 years in Westfield.

The goals (not in any order):

1. Protect water resources
2. Create large connected tracts of open space
3. Increase public access to open space resources
4. Identify, preserve and protect natural treasures and farmland
5. Balance growth with land management and protection
6. Resurrect, enhance and promote city's identity
7. Create connections of green corridors that encourage green transportation

What do you think? Email your comments to the Planning dept at larry.smith@cityofwestfield.org

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