05 May 2010

the Recreation Experience....again

ahhhh, enjoying the recollection phase of the Recreation Experience today. Lemme' go through the whole thing with you today.

About a month ago we had a small party in our house and played a CD by Rodrigo y Gabriela (http://www.rodgab.com/) so I checked online and found that they were touring and scheduled a visit to the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA. I bought the tickets and began the Anticipation Phase. Traveling to NOHO last night was an adventure following a quick 60 mph storm through Western Mass. Trees were down all over the region and it took well over an half an hour to get through town as we avoided down trees. Got to Spoleto's in NOHO for Dinner and made the show in time.

A wonderful time last night! Absolutely wonderful. Highly recommended. See this duo when they come to your area!!!

Travel home last night was uneventful, although late for me since I typically hit the sack by 10 pm.

And now the recollection phase where I am reliving the live concert in my head.

Think about the last concert you attended and think about that Recreation Experience. I hope it was as wonderful as mine! See this YouTube clip to see what I am talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5VFWA2YKdo

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