31 May 2010

another Quake

it seems that this year is a year of natural disasters. While millions across the country are firing up the BBQ this weekend, life goes on. The folks in the Philippines are suffering the consequences of today's quake (see http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/ for a world map of current activities).

So this weekend, please set aside a few bucks for the Red Cross or your favorite charity.

27 May 2010

Farmer's Market time, Yippee

Farmer's Markets

Yep time to get those fresh veggies and support the local economy. And the strawberries will be fresh and not those fruits shipped half-way around the world contributing to green house gases.

Local farms are important. Buy local!

Now, how can we grow a banana in New England?

24 May 2010

and of course, food can be recreation

I'm getting into food tourism and the slow food movement. I mean, we should be more "locovores", enjoying the food products available in our home area. But that means more than using maple syrup, drinking local micro brews, and slurping whole belly clams. It means an overt attention to what we eat.

We can reduce our carbon footprint. Think about this when you eat something out of season.

I am building a bibliography so stay tuned.

21 May 2010

Oil tourism

Yep, better stay inland if you are foolish enough to visit the Gulf coast this summer. Besides the hot and humid temps, don't worry about bringing baby oil. BP has you covered with some mighty fine crude. Check out this clip from UF tourism professor Stephen Holland.

Best to stay local and enjoy the warm 15 deg C temps in Hyannis!

17 May 2010

Grading exams

yeah, I know....break out the world's smallest violin for me. Well, I need a break from grading my rec geog final exams. Seems students don't recall the details of the Mass CPA (and not certified public accountants). But the topics of "Fright Tourism" or "Risk Tourism" have been well thought out. I am kinda' disappointed that the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria" wasn't researched a bit more.

But overall, the exams are good. So for the afternoon, I am going to work in the yard.

16 May 2010

Greece tourism with Riot Prices

Don't know about that, but with the economy in the pits for Greece, the stronger dollar against the Euro (now it is 1 euro to 1.24 US dollar compared to 1 euro to 1.39 US dollar this time last year) and Americans feeling better about spending money, this summer may be a time to visit some ruins. Not banks burned in the riots but the real old stuff.

I just ran a Kayak search for a vacation in Athens for seven nights from 30 June to 7 July 2010 from BOS and BDL. Picked a 3 star hotel (Apollo Hotel, sounds nice huh?) and found it to be cheaper from BDL than BOS!

The flight over has two stops but only one stop coming back. For us in Western Mass, it just goes to show us that BDL is a decent airport and BOS may not be worth the extra cost to drive, park etc.

Greece not in the plans? Well you may wish to avoid Northern Europe since that nasty volcano is still active.

12 May 2010

Recreation Geography

So, what is this thing called Recreation Geography. Take the two words and define each. Then merge the two definitions to come up with one possibility. How is this like the definition that we have used in our class?

Use the photo to explain the term.

08 May 2010

Community Preservation Act in Massachusetts

We have a great recreation planning tool here in Massachusetts, the Community Preservation Act or CPA.

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a tool to help communities preserve open space and historic sites, and create affordable housing and recreational facilities.

The Community Preservation Act provides new funding sources which can be used to address three core community concerns:

Acquisition and preservation of open space
Creation and support of affordable housing
Acquisition and preservation of historic buildings and landscapes

What a great idea huh?

05 May 2010

the Recreation Experience....again

ahhhh, enjoying the recollection phase of the Recreation Experience today. Lemme' go through the whole thing with you today.

About a month ago we had a small party in our house and played a CD by Rodrigo y Gabriela (http://www.rodgab.com/) so I checked online and found that they were touring and scheduled a visit to the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA. I bought the tickets and began the Anticipation Phase. Traveling to NOHO last night was an adventure following a quick 60 mph storm through Western Mass. Trees were down all over the region and it took well over an half an hour to get through town as we avoided down trees. Got to Spoleto's in NOHO for Dinner and made the show in time.

A wonderful time last night! Absolutely wonderful. Highly recommended. See this duo when they come to your area!!!

Travel home last night was uneventful, although late for me since I typically hit the sack by 10 pm.

And now the recollection phase where I am reliving the live concert in my head.

Think about the last concert you attended and think about that Recreation Experience. I hope it was as wonderful as mine! See this YouTube clip to see what I am talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5VFWA2YKdo

03 May 2010

Urban Heat Island to Increase in Westfield?

I don't know. I was driving through town today and noticed that all the beautiful trees in the Green were being chopped down. Maybe the city needs some money. Just makes me want to do another UHI study this fall to see the impact. After all, this past fall we found the Green to be one degree cooler than the rest of downtown Westfield.

Check out the slide from our research where we discovered the cooling effect of the Green. Stay tuned. Click on the graphic to enlarge it.

02 May 2010

I walked my dog in Stanley Park today

Great way to get exercise for me and Biscuit. It was a bit warm, but then again, we are after the Spring equinox so the days are getting longer. I was surprise to find that the park really wasn't crowded. I wonder what is up.

Have you walked your dog today? No dog? Well you can still take a walk, right?