15 April 2010

Westfield River Canoe Races this weekend

Time for the annual Westfield River Races again. Might be a tad cold this year...to bad it is not like last week with temps in the 90s. Oh well, it is New England.

But even if the air is warm, the water is darn cold, ice cold that is. So a wet suit is a good thing to have, especially if you dump at "Hill and Dale Rapids". (see photo)

That's Mike Young in the stern.

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  1. Either way if it is cold or not I am rather lealous. This year we have not been able to get a canoe in the water wich is rather sad. We usually do a few miles down the river. I love canoeing especially in Central America during the J term in Belize. Well i hope that yo uhad a blast and there was no capsising.