05 April 2010

Travel Picture of the Day

Had a chance to take an Alaska Cruise in 2006 and sailed southbound. Our first morning I saw this view in College Fjord. Spectacular eh? Except for the little wake, the water was still as glass. I think this was about 6 a.m. in the morning, so I only got a few hours sleep in the northern latitude. We hope to return to the area again, before the glaciers are all gone due to climate change.


  1. Professor, do you know the estimate about how many years until the glaciers melt?

    Liz Abate

  2. Looks so amazing! I hope to see some glaciers before they melt too! Looks almost unreal.

  3. glaciers melting, well at Glacier Bay, the Glaciers have retreated some 60 plus miles in 200 years, so I bet the glaciers in this fjord may be gone in 50 years?