08 April 2010

Summer Vacation

Gosh, besides the roadtrip to Maryland to visit some family and eat steamed crabs, I don't know if a summer vacation is in the works.

We finally went to the Turks and Caicos last summer and fell in love with the island. Even got a chance to drive on the left side of the road, something I wouldn't dare to do on St. Lucia or any other island with steep topography or high populations. But on Provo, I am willing to take the challenge.

Saw this guy snorkeling in Coral Gardens in Grace Bay last summer and hope to say hi again.

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  1. Well this is how I feel when I went to Belize Last year we went snorkling for 3 days off of the coast and fell in love with the country. I love when this happens. I am actually fixing to back there fairly soon after I get back from the Peace corps. I have never been to the Turks and caicos but seeing this picture makes me yurn to go back down there.